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RadioEMS Mission

International radio broadcasting dedicated to EMS and First Responder professionals, the RadioEMS Mission is to be the primary source of music, information, and education for Paramedics, Firefighters, Dispatchers, RNs, Physicians, Administrators, and all others who provide emergency response.

Strategically aligning with industry associates, enables RadioEMS to broaden our original in-house programing with an extensive assortment of entertaining and important ingredients that offers a comprehensive listener experience.

A RadioEMS priority is to entertain and inform while inspiring a broadening of audience perspectives through commitment to inclusive and global voices of this profession.


We have a unique and cost-effective stategy for product promotion. For a modest monthly fee of $100 CAD (can be billed annually), RadioEMS will record and broadcast promotions for your company's service or specific products that would play on air a minimum of 4 times a day.


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Our Programming


(in alphabetical order)

  • Ambulance Today
  • Behind It All by Sunny Perry
  • Canadian Paramedicine
  • Emergency Expo
  • Emergency Live
  • FOAMfrat Educational Podcasts
  • Free Radicals Paramedic Podcast
  • InsideEMS (by EMS1.com)

New Content

Website Re-Imagined

We've refreshed our website to both provide even more information, but also to enhance your user experience here. Your feedback is always welcome using our contact form.

EMSKidz: Now Interviewing

We are now reaching out for interviews with Mya, our special kid host. Click here to book your time slot. We've got more great content planed for the kids page! Mya will be your guide to a fun and interactive experience!


RadioEMS is proud to have listeners in 100 countries worldwide and more continue to tune in every day. We are thankful to all of our listeners, but would like to acknowledge our top countries by listening hours. Thank you so much for your continued support.

Top 10 Countries

#2United States#7United Kingdom
#3Austrailia#8South Korea

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