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RadioEMS joins Social Media

January 14, 2021 : 00:00:00

RadioEMS has joined the ranks of Social Media. We will be posting our latest news and interesting links and articles on both our new Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Join the discussion using social media right now.

Who is RadioEMS?

January 3, 2021 : 00:00:00

Andrew Winter, Web Broadcaster and Developer, has a background in radio broadcasting and has operated a hobby internet music radio station for over ten years. He is a knowledgeable web designer with significant computer technology and software management experience. Andrew spent 8 years coordinating international air and ground ambulance patient transports.

Gordon Bates, Business Development and Marketing, has more than 45 years in EMS and air ambulance spanning most operational roles as paramedic, dispatcher, and senior leadership in large government programs and private industry. Gordon appreciates the uniqueness for EMS personnel to be heard, educated, and entertained. He also understands the need for EMS product suppliers to reach the industry personnel who influence buying decisions.

Together, Andrew and Gordon have the background and expertise to establish a radio station targeted specifically to the EMS industry.

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